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Buddy Bear Jeddah Design Contest
14 Mar -
11 Apr 2020
What the Duck is a Buddy Bear?

An über-life-sized bear from Berlin, member of a family of over 2000 sculptures in about 150 countries placed as happy symbols of unity, community and global peace at German embassies worldwide as their favorite habitat. Each bear is "dressed" in paint, graphic print or photography by a local artist in a design reflecting her or his home and Berlin.

Join our jury-selected contest and become Jeddah's selected designer for the German Consulate General's own Buddy Bear!

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Riyadh Buddy Bear with Artist Talal Al Zeid and German Ambassador Jörg Ranau... What will the Jeddah Buddy Bear look like?


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International Art Festival Jeddah (January 2020)

  • Architecture of Tomorrow. . The legacy of visionary German architect and Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Frei Otto in Saudi Arabia. Curated by Maya El Khalil and Prof. Georg Vrachliotis (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), as special element of the main exhibition "I Love You, Urgently". Gold Moor, Al-Zahra'a.
  • Images of Science. Beauty and truth come together in a series of captivating high-resolution images by the German scientific research network of the Max Planck Society. Zawiya 97, Al-Balad.
  • Organic Carpet. Commissioned art installation by Rashed Al Shashai. German Residence, Al-Muhammadiyah.

GRENZGÄNGER by Bricklab (February 2019)



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